Bangkok, 8.2 million people

Bäbääääng! After Australia, this city feels like 10 punches in the face. Far too much of everything: gas, traffic, people, questions, rats, stench! And yet we love them, because there are also many interesting and Impressive. The whole life takes place outdoors from: eating, laughing, dogs, cats, monks, tourists, palaces, temples, colorful boats etc. the nice corners You may have to search a little longer, but even here there are quieter places without much traffic, and I do not mean the toilet in one of the ultra-chic shopping malls, but for example on the roof of Guest Houses:


Or the quiet artists' quarter "Baan Silapin" on the river:


Since the children can still happily feed the fish :-)


or tasty pork noodle soup eating:


As you can see, we have received an important visitor from Switzerland for 2 weeks. Thomas, Andy's brother, accompanied us to Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok, and on the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

Previously, Andy and I still made a long and tiring, but absolutely worthwhile trip to the Floating Market Amphawa after. The trip took us first over the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok up to a nondescript tiny station in the town center. From there we went to Samut Sakhong where we crossed by ferry another river to get to the next station. With this train we now went to Samut Songkhram, which indeed was not our final destination, but still a huge spectacle. For here is the market on the tracks, and each time the train arrives or departs, is ragged all goods moved briefly to the side, in order to present then quickly back neatly on the tracks. Fortunately, this train runs only about three times a day, keeping as simple as possible. However, why the market must take place precisely because we have not found :-) !



new acquaintances at the station:

blogpics04 blogpics05

With a sorng taa ou (shared taxi), we went to a little refreshment after Amphawa. The vehicle was unfortunately already full, so we were only standing room at the back of the vehicle. But we have also survived the last section without a helmet and airbag and were after about 5 hours finally arrived at the Floating Market. It's all about how actually mostly in Thailand, about food! The chefs sit in their boats on the river and sell the hungry mouths on the stairs on the shore everything your heart desires. These hundreds of shops and stalls are along the river, which attract thousands of visitors every week.


Here's a video of the whole trip:

For those who do not suffer from claustrophobia and like culinary experiment (that would be with us rather then Andy), this tour is highly recommended. On the way back we opted for the much shorter and more enjoyable variant with air-conditioned minivan!

Kanchanaburi, 50,000 inhabitants

From Bangkok, we made a detour to about 3 hours away Kanchanaburi. The place is mainly known for his sad past, and the associated Bridge on the River Kwai. The Japanese occupying power continued during the second world war Asian forced laborers and prisoners of war a Western (British, Dutch, Australians, Americans) to build an important railway bridge over the River Kwai. This railway was supposed to help the Japanese occupation of Burma in the. During construction, more than 100,000 Asian and Western workers died on the follow of disease, famine or accidents.


Thai cemetery:


Near Kanchanaburi is also the Erawan National Park with its many and wonderful waterfalls. Apparently similar to the rocks of the uppermost waterfall to the Hindu elephant god Erawan, hence the name. An elephant I could not tell though, but we have seen clear, emerald green water and enchanting waterfalls without end!




Back in Bangkok, we met as I said Thomas, with which we by the wats (temples) have sweated the city:




Large cities are demanding:


Ayutthaya, 55,000 inhabitants

About 1.5 hours by train from Bangkok is Ayutthaya, the former capital of the Thai Kingdom. In 1767 the city was almost completely destroyed by the Burmese in what later Bangkok was founded. One can imagine how the royal palaces and temples have once looked like, but also what is still left today is impressively so only.



Although sometimes quite dangerous for the traffic, but still a good means of transportation from one temple to the next, are old bike:


with all the sweat we needed a refreshment times:


or what strange sweet:



and on it goes ...



Pause again:


From Ayutthaya we went again with the train heading south to Chumphon. This route would actually take 8 hours but because at every station again 10 men had any mend something (or rather a screwed and 9 were around it), took the fun with open windows and fans pleasant 11 hours. Fortunately, came every few minutes any food vendors over, so we passed the time with eating, reading and playing UNO.


funny Donut Eating in Chumphon:


Koh Tao, 5000 inhabitants

After a day's rest in Chumphon, we started our journey of discovery to the main Kohs (islands) Tao, Phangan, Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Tao is the smallest of the three islands, divers Mecca, down to the hollow Pub Crawl Tour pretty quiet, and I looked the most beautiful. The island is easy to drive around with a scooter and there are beautiful beaches.



Koh Phangan 10'000 inhabitants

Koh Phangan was probably really popular pilgrimage by the legendary Full Moon parties, to the apparently up to 40,000 lunar / Drogenanbeter to Haad Rin, on the southern tip of the island.

Grad is not a full moon, this does not mean at all that there is nothing to celebrate. Finally, you can also with a Half Moon or Black Moon party guests attract and earn good money. If you stupidly exactly between these parties arrived, there are still accommodations, such as ours, which is organizing a traditional Full Moon-body-painting with the fun 20-member tour group that Mucke turns up and more than enough alcohol ausschenkt. Want one of the group of sauglatten gang spend a round of shots, he just needs to ring the bell and you whine all happy and hungry for the shot glasses. For the soft flutes, I want to mention any names, trying to set the time in their bungalows (without window but with mosquito net) to sleep, it means then count Shöttli instead include Schöfli !!

Apart from the parties and the necessary people, but the island has much more to offer! For example, the best coconut ice cream in the world, wonderful beaches, great dive spots and torrential downpours when you're just riding the scooter around the island :-) !





Haad Rin without Party:



Koh Samui, 50,000 inhabitants

The most famous island on the east coast is certainly Koh Samui. Here is teeming with tourists and the beaches are partially obstructed really well with chic resorts. Even a shopping mall and Starbucks can be found here!

Although tourism is booming and the hotels require a lot of space, there are still authentic corners.

kosamui14.jpg kosamui26


But us has attracted mainly the large selection of Muay Thai Camps (Thai boxing). Andy and I were eager to try our Thai national sport and get really sleep on the face :-) ! So we stood for a week two hours (7-9 clock in the morning !!) on the mats and have tried to follow the instructions of the coach. Time we did it right, and sometimes we saw probably more than crazy, but for the muscles of the year it was enough !! In our group trained people from all corners of the world, some of them quite well and others just stop less. From time to other women trained, one of which was a compact Italian kickboxer. A portion of the two-hour training sessions were each sparring, that is boxing one on one. Whenever possible, Andy and I have been boxing against each other, since our level is pretty much the same. But that was not always, and we had to try out what they have learned in other boxers. And so it was that I had this little battering ram suddenly in front of me. At the beginning it has not smiled briefly and introduced himself politely, a few seconds later it became clear that I had just fallen into a victim role. After their toes for the first time in front of me was, I was wondering in amazement: Ahaaa, we two are so not ladylike today!!

Andy, of course, did not believe that the lady was a bit too aggressive and I had a little fear for my face and my bones, until she stood before him the next morning me. In the corner of my eye I saw only how something small dark really raged at Andy. His eyes turned within seconds of "fluffy Boxer" in "danger Mutti" to the small and has verboxt their wife bonus after a few seconds. Both pulled the gloves, beat like a wild one another and rolling around on the ground until the coach had to intervene! Nei shit :-) .so Bad ... was it not, but Andy had some belly punches (higher they would not come anyway) plug it in and was then called by the coaches respectfully ladyboy :-) . I, however, tried to get hold of only male opponents after this experience. They were always very loving and careful. One even made me always told where to kick or punch him. I thought that was even a bit strange, and I was not sure if it's possibly even a little pleased, but no matter, I have no punches collected :-) !

In any case, this week was a great experience. I know now that I though the exercises very like doing, but I am not suitable for sparring. So I will stay with Tae Bo or Fitboxen. Andy could imagine such training already better in the future and looking at some point maybe the Thai Boxing Club Aarau past :-) . Here's a taste of how a part of the training might look like:

After a hard workout, chill out in the pool:


And a few Arschbomben:


For Thomas to Koh Samui holiday was over and he flew with brand new diving license back home. We traveled to Krabi, where we took a trip through the middle of hell to the beautiful Railay Beach. About 60 minutes it took the dark boat ride through wind and rain, and I asked myself last, how hard the impact must be for a wooden boat breaks. I still do not know, but I know that I "*'ve almost ge in the pants *% &.


Railay, beautiful when it's beautiful:


From Krabi we are yesterday flew to Kuala Lumpur and now make time for a while Malaysia insecure!

Dearest greetings from the Traveluttis!

Summary Thailand
Population: 70 million inhabitants, of which about 15% Chinese
Duration: 07/10/14 to 08/08/14
Used Beds: 9