Yogyakarta, Java

Indonesia ... a riiiiiesiges country, the world's largest island nation as well as around 240 million people, the fourth most populous state in the world . Indonesia is spread over 17'508 islands, of which 6'044 are inhabited.

Yogyakarta is to Java, one of the largest islands of Indonesia. The city is especially famous for its batik art, here you can learn different techniques of this very expensive to buy as the picture, cloth or garment, or simply admire. There is also one in Yogyakarta Sultan Palace, extremely heavy traffic, rice fields and very close to two of the largest and most important temple in the world. Firstly, the Buddhist temple Borobudur, we have visited, on the other hand the Hindu temple in Prambanan.




Becak in Yogyakarta



In order to gather some basic knowledge, we can introduce us half a day in the national language Bahasa. A very simple design language, as no verbs are conjugated or not even what used: Nama saya Andy (Andy I Name = My name is Andy). Child is called as "Anak", one talks of several children, one simply "Anak Anak-" says :-) just do not? Unfortunately, the learned words have brought us not too much, because we have traveled to a few days to Bali on, and Balinese again is another story. Although the Balinese understand Bahasa, but speak their own language.

For one day, we did a bike tour of the city and visited some farmers and home productions. We have looked hard-working women in the rice fields on the shoulder and let us explain all the intricate process from seed to harvest.




This funny lady always wanted to take pictures again and she loved the classic Selfie duckface:


After several harvests, the soil is barren. Nevertheless, in order to benefit from the land, bricks are produced in the meantime, until the ground has regenerated.


We have seen how the Asian beloved "Kerupuk" (sardines or shrimp crackers) are made:



After our first few days in Indonesia it was clear that we have met so far in any country so many friendly and smiling people. Also in Indonesia, many people have more bad than good through life struggling (27% of the 240 million live in poverty), yet they laugh, waving one to introduce themselves and their children before and try something about the visitors with hands and feet their country to experience.

After a few days on Java, the journey went on to the neighboring island of Bali, because we had a mission :-)

Bali, 4.2 million people, with about 3 million visitors each year, the most touristy island of the country

Our first two nights we spent in Sanur. This destination but we were not really convinced, too many resorts and restaurants and everything seemed pretty deserted and deserted. But actually we were only here for one reason: To two boat ticket to organize on the nearby island of Nusa Lembongan.

On this quiet little island we have our dearest friends from home, Gügge and Fausto surprised. Just before the grand finale, while we have asked why we do this to us, we really are not made for all this thrill and adrenaline rush eternal, but at the end of the day it was worth it! The search took longer than expected but since the reigns on that day did not want to just lie comfortably at the hotel pool. We have searched, waited, looked again and bored us :-)


at least the view was a good distraction:


Here is a compilation of the grueling 4 hours:

After exactly one year, we were reunited :-)



and we have enjoyed every moment:



have hard negotiations with sellers out:


Agreed ... after 30 minutes on a price and reconciles us:


The beautiful ... "Dream Beach" enjoyed:


and super good food, such as the best schnitzel in the world (the two really had tears in my eyes!):


Terrible enough, the two lived in a beautiful hotel with a pool, pool bar, fluffy, extremely good smelling towels, and even free massages from the spa tasting !!! After the second day we were treated by the staff already like real (paying) guests, although we only the two "Hotel Crasher"-next-door but were:-)!
Thank you at this point you both for the perfect four days. We enjoyed your presence infinite, the conversations, the laughter, the wine and the schnitzel (Andy). Thanks for the generosity, love you guys and we look forward firmly to see you again soon, although the temperatures will be slightly different :-)

Lombok & Gili Iceland

Actually we had after 4 days of being together in the morning at the same time a boat Gügge and Fausto back to Bali and Andy and I to Gili. Only somehow we two waited at the wrong pier (what happened to us in the year for the first time, I swear!), Where a troubled us Gügge found together with a staff of boat company 5 minutes before departure:-)! Thus, the adoption is necessarily expired and apart from a strong Winker from boat to boat quick and painless was not much in it.:-(Sorry again for the stress that we have created in this half hour:-()

As I said Andy and I drove about 2 hours to get to Gili Air, one of the three Gili islands belonging to the boat to the big sister Lombok. Gili Air is wonderfully quiet and relaxed, which probably comes from the fact here no motorized vehicles are allowed. Either you move on foot away (it takes about 2 hours to once a walk around the island), with a Fahhrrad or you pay about 4 francs for a carriage ride in the "cidomo".


While there are all over the island only coral beaches, which can make the entry into the water a bit painful, but the sea in the beautiful turquoise lights we have ever seen!


After Gili Air we took the boat half an hour to get to Lombok. This island is in contrast to Bali rather conservative and not yet as well developed as the neighboring island. Probably saw Bali about 30 years ago so like Lombok today. There is also plenty of accommodation and amenities for tourists, but on the beautiful east coast you can see over 10 km long and over again the most beautiful stretches of beach, where even palm trees and cows and wooden huts of the natives form the picture:




On Lombok we have initiated at sunset with a Bintang on our one-year anniversary trip. Unbelievable how quickly time passes and allowed what we see and experience it all. Every day we talk about our experiences and even better, we create daily new! The constant movement as well as the associated changes are not spoiled us today. We are still looking forward to all that lies before us and appreciate our great luck with all my heart!


On Lombok we thought back and forth long as our journey to go on. Actually we wanted to go to Borneo for the orangutan or further east to Flores and the Varanen on Komodo Island. But, yes believe it or not, even after a year traveling is the time sometimes too brief and small dreams should be canceled or at least postponed. So we decided to go back to Bali to make yoga, which was also on our list very high up.

Ubud, about 30,000 inhabitants

Ubud is inland and is known for the many expats who are stuck here for decades, the beautiful rice terraces in the area, the many creative minds that create beautiful art and very much more. To Ubud around there are dozens of villages that make unique handicrafts such as wooden masks, furniture, dishes, textiles with traditional ikat patterns, baskets, glass art, images and stone sculptures. I would all Ikea, Interios and furniture Pfister give (of course not Micasa, Migros still have a heart:-)) for this 2 km long street in Ubud, which is full of the most beautiful and unique furniture and home accessories! If we knew how our future home will look like, so we probably would have bought a whole set up and shipped:-). But there were also more manageable, which will fit in any home, and that's why we have this morning, after 4 weeks collecting in all corners of Bali, a 9.2 kg heavy package sent on their way to Oftringen:-)!

Coming only days as a tourist in the city, so you really only see the 3 clogged main streets where you are stuck, many boutiques, cafes and people. But we return to these main roads once his back and goes through one of the narrow streets, then you find the true heart of the city:

ubud & around081

ubud & around008



Exactly this contemplative places it was doubtless that have so many foreigners captivated. Since it is not surprising that soon one of them had the idea to open a yoga center (the Balinese themselves are not actually practicing yoga). Since we both wanted to know necessarily how yoga feels so, we have visited for 10 days and several hours were and are thrilled. Although the angle of the mouth have badly pulled up as we were greeted before the first lesson of the teacher with "Hello Yogis", but it was extremely impressive to see how flexible and healthy could be, or how we limited mobility actually are! We have also learned that yoga was originally developed only by Western countries for sport, because yoga was originally only practiced by the Indians, in order to achieve the necessary flexibility to meditate.

ubud & around090


(After yoga Wheat Grass Shot)

Ubud is full of healthy restaurants, fresh juices, organic food, recyclable straws etc. You really have to do almost goofy, if you do not eat healthy in this country, and also the Balinese cuisine is very diverse, tasty and a dream for vegetarians:



Of course we also had our favorite pizza place that we have nich visited during our stay in the city only once:-)

After almost two weeks in Ubud, we've packed the essentials and made us the scooter on the way to the east coast. Our first stop was Candidasa, where we found one of the finest accommodations of our trip so far:



with open-air bathrooms:


and this was the view:


(And all for a slim 20 francs !!!)

The journey was about Tirta Gangga, where we hiked to many beautiful temples and rice fields:



Unfortunately, we also passed a cockfight, which even today is an important part of the tradition in Bali (tying the animals seriously a blade around the leg !?):


Past ... and people who have washed their garments in the village brook, or sometimes completely naked himself!


Next we headed north to the coast to Amed and Lovina, the most famous beaches on this side of the island.

We drove over a not quite suitable for street scooters in the amount in which is located on 1000 meters Munduk village, where we could enjoy this view:


At the end of our road trips, we wandered around the most famous and most beautiful rice terraces of the island in Jatiluwih:


Back in Ubud again we enjoyed the large selection of good food and prepared our onward journey to the south.

South Bali

The last week we spent in the south, where we have all of the beautiful beaches looked at on the western side. Kuta / Legian is the most famous holiday destination of the island, for the Australians, what is Mallorca for Germans. Here they can do everything they would be ashamed of themselves at home, or what is forbidden, such as drinking beer in public places and during the walk. Toll. Everything is obstructed and there are more surf shops than in Australia. Further north is semyniak, for the slightly better-heeled guests, with a choice of expensive resorts, beautiful boutiques and great beach bars. The great advantage of both destinations is the eternally long and wide beach. No matter how crowded these places, the beach, the crowd dispersed pretty good. Even further north is much quieter and emptier "Echo Beach". Liked best but gave us the small beach of Balangan, just south of Kuta, where the old wood-warungs (restaurants) everything looks a little more to Bali. Also Jimbaran has a beautiful and wide beach with a huge selection and Seefood warungs. What on the southwest coast all have beaches all together, the good waves that attract surfers from around the world. Whether beginner or Surf Pro, here's the perfect wave for each:-).





What makes Bali truly unique and incomparable in addition to the perfect waves, the friendly people and the craftsmanship is religion, a mix of Hinduism, animism and ancestor worship. The island is not for nothing called "Island of the Gods and demons" or "Island of the Gods 1000". Religious rites and festivals guide people from birth to death and beyond death. They are the basis of the cohesion of family and community. Religious rites are used in the creation of a village, at the inauguration of a new home or temple, and they are the ethical guidelines of the whole people. Holidays and even funerals are always preceded by a temple ceremony. There are village temples, family temples and even every house has a small shrine. Offerings are daily consuming prepared and anywhere else you keep in front of the entrance, motorcycles, at intersections and all the evil spirits away, and I will agree the good spirits satisfied, placed:


An important ceremony can take several days, weeks or even months. It is therefore quite normal that you always see whole caravan of motorcycles, cars and trucks, in which entire villages on the island travel to climb together sacred mountains or visit the main temple on the island. For funeral ceremonies, for example, for weeks repeatedly held and to highlight people gather to zu1000 on the beach, umd ashes to scatter in the sea.




Also an important part of Balinese culture are the different dances, accompanied by traditional gamelan music. We have a Kecak & Fire Dance visited, where one typically hiduistische history is represented:


the old man was still long after his dance on the gluten completely in trance:


The island has us really fascinated and can not be compared with anything we have seen so far, which in turn can cause negative effects. The big problem near the beaches, as well as in Ubud is mainly the large influx of foreigners who can build on the dream island of your villas or resorts. For certainly far too little money, the farmers sell their rice fields, where more and more dream castles change the image. For the owner of this accommodation, living permanently in it or just wanted to have their own house, which is indeed beautiful, not necessarily for the economy and the environment of the island but. A villa with all their needs air conditioning and lighting around the same amount of energy as approximately ten Balinese families. Also, water scarcity and waste are a very big problem. An owner of a Home Stays has told us that he has less and less guests, as many tourists not staying in local accommodation, but apartments and villas for rent from fellow countrymen. Finally, the number of tourists is increasing at an annual rate, but the resulting revenues flowing too often abroad ... circumstances that can affect a tourist, by traveling a little more conscious.

So, enough preaching! For those who want to see more pictures, here is the link: Photos

And here's Andy's work, a compilation of Road Trips:

Summary Indoneisen

Population: 240 million, 200 million Muslims -> the state with the largest Muslim population worldwide!

Duration: 08/27/14 to 10/08/14

Used beds: 13 beds

At the moment we are sitting in Singapore at the airport, waiting for our flight to Vietnam. Since pressed, the Yoguttis