Malaysia & Singapore


Kuala Lumpur, 1'589'000 inhabitants

The capital of Malaysia, as well as the rest of the country, have a very special atmosphere. Here live so many different cultures door to door, Chinese pagodas stand next to Hindu temples and right behind it is a huge mosque. In a restaurant Tandoori Chicken served with roti and next to Peking duck and noodle soups. From the radio of the Chinese street vendor sounds Chinese folk music in the background and the muezzin calls to prayer from the speakers from. To the amazement of the locals and the tourists, the coexistence of different cultures and traditions, however, works very smoothly.

The various facets of the city are just as interesting itself. Firstly, poverty, dirt, street vendors, heat and harsh fragrances in China Town and Little India, on the other hand, the ultra-modern shopping malls and luxury hotels lining of the 21st century in the Golden Triangle and City Center. Here you will find a collection of all kinds of brands in the world, air-conditioned food courts and the famous Petronas Towers, the same local oil company built skyscrapers pair .

Petronas Towers


some sopping ....





Little India


Energizer Night Race-with headlights:



For the first time on our trip we stayed in a largely Islamic state on the road. After the rather open Buddhist Thais and the previously mainly catholic countries, all were in Malaysia suddenly buttoned up and covered. The views of nude or even tattooed arms and legs were longer and partly also disparagingly. At this rather strange for us view about body freedom and clothing style, we had to get used to. It is also specially when suddenly someone sits down next to you and take a second take a photo with your phone: Ah, so I ben now of dim Foti droffe? Jojo, full of easy, keis problem ... .muesch au ned froge :-) !

While there are very many tourists in Malaysia, but a large part of it comes from Asia. Our type is so many places a small spectacle-)!

In Kuala Lumpur we visited the National Mosque where ever lined up to 15,000 worshipers each other. Hidden beneath a cloak, at about 35 degrees, we came with a staff / helpers of the mosque this week. We talked to him about some rules and guidelines of Islam and taken appropriate brochures. Of course we also have asked questions, for example about Headgear and polygamy. The friendly gentleman has much told and explained, and now and then I dared to bore me a little deeper. Unfortunately, the answers were not really satisfying, and much makes no sense for us still, as actually all religions. But "sense" is probably not the point of a religion ?!

In the violet Sauna


After we have studied in detail the opinions and information about Islam, I have this deposited in a hostel, if anyone else is still interested. I wanted to see if Sylvie or the brochures have received more attention.


  Cameron Highlands, 2,090 meters above sea

From Kuala Lumpur we took the bus to the center of the Malaysian Halbinsen to the tea plantations in the Cameron Highlands. Here we visited the seemingly endless green plantations, as well as a Tea Factory. We now know that no matter whether Chinese tea, black tea or green tea all comes from the same plant, only the manufacturing process is slightly different.


There is also in the Cameron Highlands some strawberry farms, the year-round season have here.


And here's an excerpt of typical Malaysian wet cells. Juhuuuu, I can take a shower while I sit on the toilet !!!

handypics03 handypics12 handypics14

Georgetown 200,000 inhabitants, capital of Penang Island, West Coast Malaysia

1786 British Captain Francis Light landed in Georgetown and found that the place is perfectly situated for the trade of the British East India Company. The British made here is so wide and it was followed by traders from India and China, as well as other Europeans and Arabs. The city is characterized by numerous architectural highlights such as the typical Chinese "shophouses" (many buildings are since 2008 a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and has, as already Kuala Lumpur, an interesting mix of different languages, skin colors and religions. The selection of food specialties of these people is enormous and attracts a lot of tourists.


The city has not only good food to offer, but also a lot of art and creativity, which is reflected in the facades, the custom cafes, museums and galleries.

Cats Coffee


Street Art by Ernest Zacharevic




Propaganda at the entrance of a mosque:


However ... this glue was seen on every other front window:


The only downside of the city, as well as in most parts of the country, are the motorized vehicles in abundance as well as the pedestrian-unfriendly streets!

Pulau Perhentian, Malaysia Osttküste

From Penang, we drove about 5 hours across the country to the east coast of the island of Perhentian. The island can be crossed in 10 minutes and larger parts are still pure nature ... .noch.

Apart from two major resorts here accepts no accommodation reservations contrary, nothing, nothing hostel word or agoda. Even by phone can book anything. Firstly, this is because it is in the morning on the island only from 7am to 7am the evening flow (unless the property has also its own generator), on the other hand certainly also because many people book and then do not appear. That is also all no problem, but makes the island's only special and adventurous. So we headed on arrival for those looking for a crib:


our first hut on the island


Although the varied, but not quite as spassige side of it is that it at 35 degrees trudges through the sand under certain circumstances, from barrack to barrack, to let then tell smiling owners of disinterested, that all "full" is. Or even better: They show you a bungalow, which looks like a scene in "Trainspotting", and would you kindly let the night for 30.-. After a while, but we have found a room that the price was not worth it, but the only thing we could get. After 2 days we changed in a bungalow for half the price, and yet clean. The only "nuisance" in this hut was the animal that lived in the closet somewhere in a partition and repeatedly scratched at the wood, and the frog family with 100 children who resided somewhere in or under the house. Again and again sat a few copies of the family frog in the bathroom, and were accompanied to the outside after the discovery of the "Schüfeli" again. Except for the one ... I had one at night glasses not on the nose and on the way back from the loo to bed I stepped on something suddenly gummiges, bäääääääääääää! Nasty !!!! But we survived the shock of both! Ah yes, do not forget the cute little geckos that we could count on our pets (incidentally these small animals have an incredible vocal organ!), And the snake, the other islanders have photographed near the bungalows. These dear little creatures are indeed somehow all sweet and have earned their place on the island more than any visitor, but I rabbits and cats are personally just prefer!

our second hut


Thus, much of the accommodation on the island :-) . The beaches are beautiful, however, and also the underwater world is impressive. It has therefore offered that the "fight-canoeists" gave their comeback :-)





Of course, such small natural wonders speak quickly around and the tourists come and go. It is built and expanded, but no one really has a clue of really power lines or sewage, and where actually with the waste?

Behind the scenes:


If someone has the time and inclination, here is an interesting article about the island. Statements that are likely to apply to pretty much every corner of paradise in the world:


Back on the mainland we took a taxi to a bus station. Maybe I have to mention that the west coast of Malaysia is a lot of tourism and multicultural. Except for two to three islands on the other hand lost on the east coast hardly any tourists, and the residents here are almost exclusively Muslim and partially somewhat more conservative set. As we before driving somewhere and wanted to eat something, but everything was closed, we finally strapped that Friday was, say Islamic Sunday. So we had a choice between chips and packaged sweet rolls filled with goo stuff at the bus station or KFC.

KFC: also for breakfast not recommendable, the small but loved :-)


With an hour delay we were off to the south, but stopped after about an hour somewhere on the roadside. The bus driver has said anything to Malaysian before he left the bus with him and two other passengers. But since we do not have this language powerful it about a quarter of an hour has yet used until we have gathered, what are we waiting for. Next to us was a huge mosque and around hundreds of cars and motorcycles criss-cross on the road. From all the streets were believers in their silky Two dividers and headed towards the mosque for Friday prayer large. And since we were then at least 45 minutes until the driver came back.

handypics18 handypics19

We were waiting a little bored :-) (Nome för dech Pink Lady):


After an overnight stay in Kuantan, we went the next morning back to the West Coast, according to Melaka.

Malacca, 201'400 inhabitants

Originally Malacca was built by the Chinese established as collecting and trading center for spices. With its convenient location it developed, however, quickly became a thriving commercial port, where Arabs , Indians and Chinese traded their goods. Until the 15th century the city was virtually a Chinese colony and thus the optimal combination of Chinese to the Indian Ocean .

1509 reached first Portuguese ships Malacca and the city was under Portuguese rule until 1641. 1641 came the Dutch and ruled the town until 1824 this rule was interrupted by the British and until independence in 1957 the city belonged, like the entire Malay Peninsula to the British colonial empire .

The interesting history of this city makes them naturally especially worth seeing. as can be seen still the Portuguese fort, there are some churches from the Dutch colonial period and a very well preserved Chinatown, where every weekend there is a market that attracts thousands of visitors. Something quiet it is for the small restaurants on the river or in little India. Malacca ( ​​Malay Melaka, English Malacca) is very touristy, probably because you can go from here by boat to the island of Sumatra (Indonesia). There is even a Hard Rock Cafe Melaka !!


Pimp up the Trishaws



too large


we love Indian Food


Even a Chinese temple proudly presents its TripAdvisor rating:


Link to all photos of Malaysia:

Summary Malaysia

Population: 28'335'000 inhabitants, of which about 50% Malays, 24% Chinese, 11% of indigenous peoples (Orang Aslit & Dayak), 8% Indian and 7% other

Religion: Islam 61.3%, 19.8% Buddhist, 9.2% Christian, 6.3% Hindu, 3.4% other

Duration: 8/8/14 to 8/25/14

Used beds: 8

Singgapur, 5.3 million people

From Melakka we took the bus to Singapore, what would actually take no longer than 5 hours. Unfortunately, we did the nervous Indian driver with the most interesting ears hair growth I have ever seen, expressly said after the "clock out" in Malaysia that he is waiting for the Singapore side only 25 minutes on us. Those who have not done it by then through passport control and security of Singapore Customs, unfortunately, have to wait for the next bus of the same company. At customs it is usually as soon as the staff works and if one does not belong to the human species who use every opportunity to overtake another waiting, then you have to stop sometimes for the next bus wait J. Here we have yet so well prepared and all chewing gum and cigarettes in Malaysia left (Both can not be imported to Singapore, we have something of $ 250 for an unopened read Zigipäckli !?) Said and done, an hour late, we are also (still with us about 5 other Snoring Nose) arrived at the destination. The journey went by underground train to Little India, where these special accommodation waiting for us:



Contrary to our expectations, the "capsules" were extremely comfortable, and thanks to considerate neighbors also kept the noise limits and we slept wonderfully. So a "capsule-double" for the way you get 40.-. For a fully furnished room with private toilet and shower you have rather already 80 in Singapore - shell out 100 francs.

Singapore can be super explore the MRT (subway). No matter where the property is, in a few minutes you go for Fair 2:50 francs from one attraction to the next. We looked at the many restaurants and bars at Clarke Quay at Singapore River Watch, the Colonial District where the famous Raffles Hotel stands (but it was next to a couple of churches also the only colonial building that we could find), Marina Bay with views of the same Hotel with Rooftop Pool and the Central Business District and of course we had to be on Orchard Road, where shopping dreams come true. I think in Singapore it is possible to move through the whole city from shopping mall to shopping mall, without ever seeing the light of day. Everything is somehow connected to each other and the MRT stops conveniently directly in the malls. The Orchard Road actually looks like the Strip in Las Vegas, just shopping stamps instead of hotels and casinos. The only less than perfect and newfangled quarter were, as always, Little India and Chinatown. Here's even streets without malls and skyscrapers, but cheap food and Bollywood movies.

Originally a trading port, Singapore has blossomed in the mid to late 20th century by a developing country to a developed country, which has much next business also beautiful islands and greenery to provide.

Although I was chewing gum on withdrawal (you can seriously buy all over the city no chewing gum! Logically, because chewing is punished expensive under certain circumstances) and Andy temporary Non smoking, the two days were interesting, but have also served.

Clarke Quay


in the background of probably the most famous "Infinity pool" of the world:


Little India


Interesting Signs in Singapore:



Summary Singapore

Population: 5.3 million inhabitants, of which 76.8% Chinese, 13.8% Malay, 7.9% Indian, 1.5% other. In addition, some 1.2 million expats / foreigners

Official language: Chinese, English, Malay, Tamil

Duration: 08/25/14 to 08/27/14

Used Beds: 1 capsule bed


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