first still later discovered Grüsschen from the Cambodian Nibbler Hare :-)


Yangon, about 4.5 million inhabitants
Almost twice as large as Germany to Burma (Burma or Myanmar as well) extends from the foothills of the Himalayas to the Malay Peninsula and is bordered by the following six countries: India, Bangladesh, Tibet, China, Laos and Thailand!
After the 3rd Anglo-Burmese War, the last king of the country was forced to abdicate and Burma in 1886 officially downgraded to a province of the colony "British India". In the 2nd World War, the Japanese turned out to be brutal and arrogant occupiers who so even the British colonialists in the shade! But thousands of people lost their lives and much of the country were destroyed. It was only in 1948, Burma was declared a sovereign state. In the 50s, however, the then president was a dubious way with its synthesis of Buddhism and socialism. He let divide the land by large landowners to landless peasants and nationalize businesses. The consequences were mismanagement and corruption. 1962, there was a military coup and General Ne Win seized power. Foreign firms were expelled from the country and Burma was kompett isolated. The economic situation was miserable and Burma today is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world. 2010 Thein Sein was elected as the first civilian president in 50 years and since the same year, the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is no longer under house arrest.
The changes in recent years have led to increased foreign investment and tourism boom. In many areas, however, the old structures of the military still work. Corruption dominates everyday life, poverty is great and it lacking so much. The most profitable areas of foreign trade, such as gas, oil, timber, minerals and gems are still subject to government control. Often public or semi-public companies are involved in building which inevitably have close ties with the military.
The complicated and sad past as the current problems are also reflected in the street scene:


some extremly renovate colonial


We have spent hours trying to march at 38 degrees in Yangon around, but we do not want to complain about the heat and sweat :-) !

Unlike most other Asian countries, the tourists are not (yet) serves great here. The choice of restaurants and lodging is very manageable. So there is hardly any competition exists, the prices compared with neighboring countries are rather high, but often at lower quality. The public transport network are minimal, and the dilapidated buses are all angeschriben in Burmese. In contrast to the other cities which we visited here, no motorcycles are allowed in Yangon. There swarming all over the country from Toyota, all full of "Earl", only they are called here "Caldina" and not "Carina" :-) !


Is also very interesting that the government went after the colonization in the 1970s from left to right traffic. However, most cars have the steering wheel still on the right! Thus, the driver of a vehicle is dependent on a passenger attentive, especially when overtaking a car !!!

Our accommodation in Yangon:


... Behind the house ...


The highlight in Yangon is undoubtedly the Shwedagon Pagoda. This holy place was built around 2500 years ago when she was 10 meters high. Over the years, however, has been steadily on and expanded, so that this important religious building of the country is now 100 feet high and decorated with thousands of diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The total weight of the pagoda is 149 tons, of which about 10 tons of gold !!! Currently, the masterpiece is precisely wrapped in a cloak Renovations, impressively, however, it is always:


Even when everything is not up to date in Burma, at the Shwedagon Pagoda's WIFI :-) :

yangon039.jpg yangon038.jpg

Andy gets a Longyi-wrap lesson:

yangon048 yangon049

Our second highlight in Yangon was a visit to the cinema, which was built at least 50 years ago. When we saw the poster of "Hunger Games lll", we could not resist, and certainly not at a ticket price of just 2 USD is yet in its original language. After about 30 minutes of commercials for condoms, pimples Wonder ointments, biscuits, American Sunglasses and preview of what felt like 15 other films, appeared on the screen, the Burmese flag with the text "Please show respect to the national flag", and from the speakers The national anthem. Schwups all stood in front of their seats, including two confused Swiss. Once that was done, finally started the movie and it was fantastic (sorry Schwö, so esch wörkli :-) ). The cinema is not just surprised us with an impressive Dolby surround sound system, only had the Burmese stendig something important to discuss or wild munching popcorn and nuts (was ev. Also that there was no Burmese subtitles, and therefore probably most of the guests have understood much). At the end of the show all quickly left the room and we saw 2 rows in front of us scurrying rat by :-) !

That was it after the presentation of:


After three days in Yangon, we sat at the biggest bus station we've ever seen (it was actually more of a city bus), and waited for our night bus. Hardly were all seats occupied, the bus was cooled to a comfortable 15 degrees down, but there were a cuddly blanket for each:


Something squashed we arrived in the morning by 5 clock in Bagan, where we were immediately greeted with a beautiful sunrise.

The temples of Bagan were built between the 10th and 13th centuries by different kings. The whole temple complex is about 40-m2 large and counts 2,230 listed buildings. If the first or last rays cases this unique temple landscape in a warm light, then you will feel in another world, really mystical.



Although Bagan is a very belibtes destination for foreign tourists, we were in some temples, the only "other", which already partially degenerated almost in real shootings :-)


To move from one temple to the other, there are three eco-friendly options: carriage, bicycle or new E-Bike:


However Bikes on the sandy and rocky roads actually absolutely inappropriate, we collected a few scratches and bruises, as well as an upset foot. The turn led to the fact that we could not go on a planned 3-day hike and it traveled directly to Inle Lake.

Nyaungshwe at Inle lake, 875 meters above sea

We drove for hours of cycling through the lively town and the lake, where we always laughing and waving people met and a huge number of dogs and especially puppies.

Again and again we saw that ...:


... And that's why so many cute puppys:



The Burmese are really an extremely friendly and curious people, mostly ready for a chat or a photo:



Of course, we did a boat tour on the Inle lake, passing many stilt houses and fishermen who are world famous for their unique "Intha leg-rowing technique":


Within the Inle lake and lakeside there are a total of 17 villages, where about 70,000 people live.



Nyaungshwe we took our LAST night bus ride in the attack! After we have been waiting at a junction on the right bus for two hours, came just 20 clock still right over and we were "on board". Again at cool 15 degrees, but this time unfortunately without a blanket. Funnily enough, there seems to be no buses that day drive from Inle Lake to Yangon or Mandalay and so it was that we were in the morning by 3 clock in Mandalay at the bus station. The logic of the Burmese bus schedules so we have not yet fully understood, but the nice people from the hotel also left us early at 4 clock in the morning in our, really only for the next night, reserved room (maybe they wanted us to just not for the next who sit for hours in the lobby, because since they were already asleep :-) Had) good luck!

Mandalay, 1 million people

For 25 years the 1857 on the banks of the Ayeyarwady founded in Mandalay was the capital of Burma and residence of the last king. The 4km2 large palace grounds presents itself as a kind of city within a city, protected behind high walls 8 feet. During the 2nd World War, the palace was built of wood but completely destroyed, so that today only replicas can be seen from the 1990s. Of course, in Mandalay and the surrounding area is lacking in no way to beautiful stupas, monasteries and schools Buddha statues.





Also, I was able to meet with a ride in the sidecar of a motor bike taxis a long-awaited childhood dream to me in Mandalay :-)


To see some of the town's surroundings, wi have also ventured again myself on a motorcycle. Andy is meanwhile a real "Easy Rider"! However, two pale-faces are on a motorcycle as yet a rather rare sight on Burma's streets. As soon as we stopped somewhere, we were stared at by the astonished Burmese as if we had just landed with a fligenden carpet :-) !

Here we were not in the cinema, but. On a fairly oblique performance of "The Moustache Brothers" who are so brave, and make fun for years as a comedian on the condition of the country and the government's behavior Like so many other Burmese talk too much or take part in demonstrations, remained the "Moustache Brothers" not spared from a Gefängisaufenthalt. One of them died 2 years ago, even to the consequences of this captivity.


In front of a temple we came up with an old woman this week, which has perfect English gesprochet. She was for many years a teacher in the city and spends her days so today on a bench to sit to get in contact with tourists. So they can speak English on the one hand, on the other hand, it is thus obtained enough money, or as they prefer to call it "donations" to buy food themselves. After I've angesrpochen on Aung San Suu Kyi, the opposition leader and best known woman in the country, the old lady looked around nervously and immediately pressed her index finger to his lips.

The prospect of a golf course in the middle of the city suggests that the priorities are set quite right in this country and just so much yet so running as it should.


Hardly any country would have opposite to Switzerland can be as our last trip destination. The deep Buddhist faith with all the temples and stupas, the countryside and the friendly people have extremely inspired us. The clean streets, fresh air and the selection of ALL in the home is determined blow us for the last two weeks all the more.

Summary Myanmar

Population: 60 million

Duration: 12/07/14 to 12/21/14

used Beds: 5 Beds 2 night buses

Our last day in pure freedom we enjoy today in Bangkok, where we will look for a warm outfit for the trip home! Our emotional worlds move date between nervous, of anticipation, anxious, moody, happy and slightly confused! As far as we were able to experience and see wonderful new friendships we have made some lovely people from home and we were able to meet ever we are incredibly grateful that we had the opportunity to make a trip like!

I could write for hours about the benefits of travel, but most of you have probably already heard or read somewhere. Yes, we learned a lot about ourselves, we always felt our roots and we were in our opinion, more tolerant and open. The statement "Travel is the best school in the world" so we can definitely confirm.

Ultimately, however, I always think of this one spell that for me really says it all:


And for all those who have actionable dreams, but do not dare to properly implement this, here again is another favorite:


Summary Traveluttis trip around the world:

Duration: September 9, 2013 to December 23, 2014 = 15 months and 2 weeks or au 470 days!

countries traveled: 25

used beds: 169 (with love Grüess a mini masseuse Jutta :-) )

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